Manage a Delegation

This section is for administrators of top-level domains only. If you have a regular domain registration, you should contact the domain registrar or registry from which you obtained the registration. You can not modify a regular domain using a root zone change.

Online System

We provide an online system that allows you to review the particulars of your top-level domain, and request changes through a web-based interface. You can also review the status of ongoing and historic requests lodged through the system. We also provide a Root Zone Management User Guide (PDF, 3.2 MB, 2022-12-13) for your reference.

Root Zone Management Login

Email template

While the online system is recommended, if you prefer you may also complete a text-based template and submit a change request via email. This method should be used by those requesting a change that do not have a username and password to access the online system.

More information

For more information on submitting a change request, please read our Procedures and Guides. You can direct specific questions to our staff at