.INT Registration and Management

How to Apply for Registration

If you believe you meet the eligibility policy required to qualify for a domain name within .int, and you wish to proceed and apply for that domain name:

  1. Please click here for the online application.
  2. A true certified copy of the treaty that established your organization should be sent to:
      IANA .int Domain Registry
      12025 Waterfront Drive #300
      Los Angeles CA 90094
      +1 310 301 5800 (phone)
      +1 310 823 8649 (fax)
  3. In providing the documentation, please identify the articles or sections of the treaty that describe how the three elements mentioned above are fulfilled. To expedite our review of your application, please send the English language version of the treaty if available.

    How to make changes to your current .int domain name

    If you are a current administrative or technical contact for an existing .int domain name, and you wish to make changes, please click here for the .int domain modification template