Business Excellence and Quality Management

We are committed to operations excellence and have had an ongoing Business Excellence activity for the IANA functions since 2009. We are pleased to have received EFQM Committed to Excellence recognition for these departments following an assessment conducted by a panel of three independent assessors in August 2013.

Founded in 1989, EFQM (the European Foundation for Quality Management) is the not-for-profit membership foundation that publishes the EFQM Excellence Model, a comprehensive management framework used by over 30,000 organizations around the world. The model helps organizations achieve and sustain outstanding levels of performance that meet or exceed the expectations of all their stakeholders. It allows people to understand the cause and effect relationships between what their organization does and the results it achieves.

The model is based on the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence:

  • Adding value for customers
  • Creating a sustainable future
  • Developing organizational capability
  • Harnessing creativity and innovation
  • Leading with vision, inspiration and integrity
  • Managing with agility
  • Succeeding through the talent of people
  • Sustaining outstanding results

The Fundamental Concepts of Excellence form the basis for the criteria of the EFQM Excellence Model.

We engaged EFQM to perform the assessment and will use the analysis to identify improvements. We remain committed to using the EFQM model to perform continual review and improvement of the IANA services we provide to the community.